8 Tell-Tale Signs it's Time to Replace a Richardson HVAC System

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8 Tell-Tale Signs it’s Time to Replace a Richardson HVAC System

  • Posted by: Eder Teixeira
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Have you noticed some changes in the efficiency and function of your HVAC system? You may be wondering if you need to replace HVAC system parts or the whole thing.

Your old system may be in need of some maintenance or you might need a new one altogether. If you’re dealing with a growing number of HVAC issues, you need answers. There are a few telltale signs to tip you off that your system is on the outs.

To learn more about HVAC system replacement, check out this list of signs that indicate it’s time for a new system.

1. You’re Frequently Making Service Calls

As HVAC systems age, they tend to break down and have other issues much more frequently than usual. While the occasional repair is not a big deal, repeated repairs add up quickly and indicate that the system is failing.

2. Higher Bills Indicate Loss of Efficiency

If your energy bill just keeps climbing even though your usage hasn’t changed, your HVAC system may be the culprit. As the efficiency of aging HVAC systems declines, the system works harder to maintain your set temperature.

Having your system serviced annually can increase efficiency and extend life, but it still won’t eliminate the need for a future upgrade. 

3. Replace HVAC Systems Over 10-15 Years Old

Even with diligent professional maintenance, HVAC systems can’t last forever. HVAC systems usually last for ten to fifteen years. Beyond this point, it’s only a matter of time until a replacement HVAC unit is a must. 

Having to replace a unit isn’t a bad thing. Newer units are more efficient, saving you money in the long run.

4. Unusual Sounds Coming From Your Unit

Have you been hearing abnormal sounds when your HVAC system is running? Knocking, rattling, squealing, and any other unusual noises are frequently indicative of problems that need to be addressed. 

Issues that can cause these sounds are often costly to repair. A new unit sometimes makes more sense.

5. Sub-par Air Flow

Older HVAC units can have trouble pushing air throughout a home for a number of reasons. Most repairs that can help can be fairly expensive. When repair costs come close to the cost of a new unit, a replacement is in order.

6. Moisture Around the Unit

Condensation is normal, but excessive moisture or fluid leakage is not. If your unit is leaking coolant or water, this can indicate serious problems with the system.

7. Strange Smells

If you smell burning or a moldy odor when you turn on your unit, don’t dismiss it. It may be a good indication that something has gone very wrong within the unit or the ducts.

8. Increased Dust

In addition to regulating temperature, HVAC units improve ventilation and air quality. When your system needs replacement, you’ll notice more problems with dust and humidity control in your house. This is because the system is struggling to move the air properly.

Replace or Repair: Understand the Warning Signs

You’ll have plenty of indications to let you know when the time has come to replace HVAC system components or overhaul the whole thing. Often a new system is well worth the investment. 

Are you wondering if your unit needs a checkup or a replacement? We can help. Please contact us today for more information.

Author: Eder Teixeira

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