Right Commercial Ductwork Installation is the Key to Greater Energy-Efficiency

Almost all types of commercial spaces need a ductwork system. Commercial ductwork makes sure stale air, fumes, smoke and harmful air are moved out and fresh air is brought in. Without a proper commercial ductwork installation, commercial spaces won’t be efficient or comfortable for people. Places like commercial kitchens need proper ductwork installed to remove the fumes, smoke and smell from the kitchen so that people inside the restaurant can stay comfortable. Choosing and installing the right ductwork system is essential for any business. Right installation will help you keep your space energy-efficient, comfortable and cost-effective.

Choose the right HVAC service for the best commercial ductwork installation and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

Commercial Ductwork Systems

Commercial ductwork systems have complex designs and mechanisms that are essential for different types of commercial spaces. Having the right ductwork system installed is essential for keeping the place efficient, comfortable and safe. Industrial and commercial spaces like kitchens are more prone to safety risks if they are without the right commercial ductwork installed.

A ductwork system comes with various important components. When it comes to installation, it should always be handled by a professional technician. The right installation is the key to making your commercial space safe, efficient and comfortable.

Here are the important components of ductwork systems:

  • Air Handler Unit (AHU)
  • Dampers
  • Take-offs
  • Plenumr
  • Vibration isolators
  • Turning vanes
  • Terminal Units
  • Air Terminals
  • Stake Boots and Heads

Ductwork system components need to be sized to meet the ventilation needs of the commercial space, sealed properly and installed the right way.

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Commercial ductwork systems come in a variety of materials. Depending on what exactly your commercial space needs, you can choose between sheet metal ductwork, plastic and fiberglass ductwork. The sheet metal ductwork works best for industrial spaces given the strength it has which the other materials lack. Plastic and fiberglass ductwork systems offer greater flexibility and ease of installation.

The Importance of Ductwork Size

When it comes to commercial ductwork installation, choosing the right size matters a lot. In fact, ductwork size can affect the efficiency of the system and comfort level. If the ducts are too small for the space, it is likely to work noisily and inefficiently. Besides, small ducts can cause overheating of the HVAC system if the air does not pass properly. If the ductwork is too large, it will consume more energy for operation resulting in an increase in energy bills. Oversized ducts provide more area for the air handler to cover, which means less air will reach the individual spaces that need heating or cooling. A loss in the heat output will add up in unnecessary energy costs. Choosing the right size ductwork is very important for any commercial space.

The Importance of the Placement of Ductwork Systems

The right commercial ductwork installation includes correct placement of the system, which is essential for efficient heating and cooling. Ductwork is essential for proper heating, cooling and ventilation. HVAC systems work efficiently with ductwork that has been installed correctly. Qualified air conditioning contractors will make sure the commercial ductwork installation is done where it will provide the maximum benefits while saving you time and money. Good ductwork placement will reduce air conditioning repairs and energy costs while providing better comfort. For commercial spaces, ductwork placement ensures that your building stays energy-efficient and comfortable.

The Importance of Sealing During Commercial Ductwork Installation

During the commercial ductwork installation, the ducts need to be sealed properly to prevent leaks. High-quality duct sealants are used for sealing any leaks, or cracks in the ductwork. New ductwork systems need to be sealed properly so that it can withstand the demands of efficient heating, cooling and ventilation of commercial spaces. The ductwork system connects to the HVAC system in a commercial building. If the ducts are not sealed properly it will result in substantial air leaks, energy loss and higher energy costs. Not to mention, it can cause damage to the HVAC system and the ductwork too. It is essential that the ductwork is properly sealed during the installation so that it will perform well for a long period of time. With regular inspection and service, you can ensure the ductwork system is properly sealed.

Commercial Ductwork Installation with Truficient HVAC Solutions

Truficient HVAC Solutions specializes in commercial duct installation in Dallas, Plano, Arlington and Fort Worth. With more than 50 years of experience in the HVAC services, we can ensure efficient and customized commercial ductwork installation in any commercial space. Our technicians will visit your commercial building and conduct a thorough inspection to determine what type of ductwork you need. We will ensure the ducts are sized, measured and installed in the right place so that your commercial space can remain efficient throughout the year.

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