Rooftop Packaged Units for Commercial Spaces

The RTU or the Rooftop Package Units are ideal for commercial spaces as it provides efficient heating and cooling without being visible. All the essential components come in one concise unit and are installed on the rooftop. The rooftop installation makes it an efficient and invisible HVAC system – an ideal choice for businesses. It can keep the entire commercial building efficiently heated or cooled simultaneously. These types of HVAC systems are very popular with retail and industrial spaces.

For commercial spaces that need efficient heating and cooling without any added cost or taking up too much space, the RTU system offers the best solution. It can help commercial spaces stay comfortable in more ways than one.

How does the RTU (Rooftop Package Units) Work?

A packaged rooftop unit is an efficient HVAC system as it contains all the components in one concise unit. An RTU system is a large metal box containing important components like:

  • The expansion device
  • The evaporator
  • The compressor
  • The air-cooled condenser

The RTU unit is connected with a ductwork system from where the conditioned air is distributed throughout the building and then returned back to the main unit. The hot air from the indoor space comes to the main RTU unit and then the air moves through filters then on the cooling coil running with refrigerant, which cools the air. The air then travels through the blower and the conditioned air is then released into the indoor space.

The operation is straightforward and fast, which helps in keeping the indoor space comfortable as per the needs. The RTU units provide both heating and cooling.

Commercial Rooftop Units

Commercial RTU installation can help you create a comfortable space throughout the year. Installing the RTU system comes with many benefits. It has now become an essential part of commercial spaces both big and small. The RTUs are designed to meet the heating and cooling needs of today’s commercial spaces. It offers many benefits, such as:

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  • Space-Saving Designs

The modular designs are very space-efficient. The one concise unit can be installed on the rooftop where it can be connected to the rest of the building. This helps in keeping everything organized with no visible large units on the premises.

  • Great Performance

The RTU units offer greater temperature control, which helps in reducing energy usage and also helps in reducing the cost. They offer efficient heating and cooling to the entire building without any downtime. High energy performance is one of the best things about the RTUs.

  • High-quality Air quality

The RTU not only provides efficient air conditioning, it also provides excellent ventilation. It brings in fresh air and also offers humidity control. This helps in keeping the air inside clean and fresh.

  • Noiseless HVAC System

Commercial spaces desire HVAC systems that provide excellent heating and cooling without being noisy or disruptive. The RTU is the ideal HVAC solution for commercial spaces as it works with low noise volume.

  • Less Maintenance

The Rooftop package units are easy to maintain as they are easy to access and work with. Furthermore, it is a cost-effective system and does not need much maintenance work.

With these amazing benefits, a commercial RTU installation becomes essential for any commercial space.

Commercial RTU Installation

Right commercial RTU installation in Dallas is essential for any business. Wrong installation can create all sorts of issues from inefficiency to increase in energy bills. The units must be sized and installed to meet the heating and cooling needs of any commercial space. Wrong installation can cost you efficiency as well as create safety issues. Besides, incorrect installation can make your RTU system perform below par. It is important to hire the right team for commercial RTU installation in Dallas.

Importance of the right commercial RTU installation in Plano:

  • Correct installation means all the comfort levels are met
  • RTU system will be installed according to the manufacturers’ specifications
  • Help you choose the right RTU system that meets your specific heating and cooling needs
  • Reduction of on-going service costs and extend the life of the system
  • Right size unit is installed to meet the specific needs
  • Reduce the possibilities of mistakes, or malfunctioning
  • Safe and secure installation using the latest tools and methods

Correct installation is essential for any type of business. It is not hard to find just any installer but choosing the right installer is critical. Keep your commercial space efficient, safe and comfortable with the right commercial RTU installation in Arlington done by Truficient HVAC Solutions.

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