Commercial RTU Maintenance Program for Better Performance

The rooftop package units provide efficient heating and cooling to various commercial and industrial spaces. It comes in one concise unit that can be installed on the rooftop, hence the name. Most commercial spaces have unique heating and cooling needs, which is an easy thing to achieve given the cost attached to it. But with RTU systems, businesses can now keep their workplace efficient and comfortable without the added cost. The rooftop units are highly efficient, cost-effective and energy-efficient in more ways than one.

While the RTU system is great for commercial spaces, keeping them efficient throughout the year is important. Commercial RTU systems have to bear a lot of wear and tear while meeting the various required comfort levels. With a commercial RTU maintenance program, you can ensure that your business won’t suffer from a system shutdown or inefficient heating or cooling.

Commercial RTU maintenance is one of the best ways to save money on expensive repairs, replacement and losing money because of the downtime.

Maintenance is the key

Maintenance is the key to keeping your RTU system running efficiently throughout the day. Commercial RTU maintenance is by far the easiest one to perform when you compare HVAC systems. The problem with the RTU system is that they remain out of sight, which means business owners don’t pay much attention to them unless there is a problem. But Rooftop Units breaking down is bad news as it affects the efficiency and productivity of the workplace. This is where scheduling commercial RTU maintenance is very important. It takes care of the repair and maintenance and businesses don’t have to stress about remembering it.

Commercial RTU Maintenance Suggestions

If you are a business with a rooftop unit as your HVAC system, you have made the right choice. But keeping them in great shape with a maintenance program is equally important.

  • Right Installation

Installation is the key to getting the most out of your HVAC system including the rooftop units. Incorrect installation can damage the rooftop package unit and even affect the efficiency of the system. To prevent this, businesses need to find the right installation contractor to ensure the RTU is installed in the right location. Location is very important when it comes to RTU systems. The surface that the RTU is sitting on must be even otherwise it will hurt the efficiency. The right installation in the beginning is essential for any commercial space.

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  • Filters and Belts

The filters and belts are important components of the RTU systems. They need to be changed every season and in between maintenance services. Cleaning the filters is important so that it does not clog the ductwork inside the building. Changing the filters every 30 days is ideal for ensuring the system works efficiently for a long time. Likewise, the belts need to be changed annually. It is an important and inexpensive component that prevents downtime.

  • Condensing Coils

Keeping the condensing coil clean is very important for efficiency reasons. While it may look like a time consuming task, it is essential nevertheless. Technicians will ensure the coils are cleaned on every visit as it will help in maintaining the efficiency level of the rooftop unit system. The same goes for the evaporator coils.

  • Year Round Maintenance

It is important to keep the system efficient with regular maintenance tune-ups in every season. For the spring and summer maintenance, replacing the filters and cooling equipment is essential. Additionally, checking the refrigerant charge for leaks and checking for adequate air flow is equally important. It is important to get the system checked for any issue before the onset of winter, summer or rainy season.

Finding an HVAC service company for Commercial RTU Maintenance

Now that you know how important commercial RTU maintenance is, the next step is finding the right contractor. With a maintenance program in place, you can rest assured that it will be taken care of. You don’t have to waste time on it. Scheduling takes care of everything. They will visit your commercial building and perform an inspection of your equipment and check its condition. Our technicians will ask you relevant questions like, how old is the system and when you last had a tune-up. Likewise, you can also ask questions that can help you make informed decisions.

Commercial RTU Maintenance Services with Truficient HVAC Solutions

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