Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Powered HVAC Systems

Variable refrigerant flow or the VRF is HVAC technology developed by the Daikin Industries limited in 1982. Since then, the VRF has become the symbol of quality, comfort and energy-saving technology and is now manufactured by many HVAC brands. It is an efficient, climate controlling technology designed to make homes and commercial buildings cost-effective and energy-efficient without sacrificing comfort. The new HVAC systems come powered with the VRF technology and installing one will help you in more ways than one. It offers greater control over the distribution of refringent and works with both heating and cooling systems.

Truficient HVAC Solutions specializes in VRF technology and has been offering commercial VRF system services throughout Texas for many years.

What is VRF and How Does it Work?

The Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) uses refrigerant as a heating and cooling medium in an VRF powered HVAC system. The most important part of the technology is the control over the flow of refrigerant to indoor units. The VRF technology allows alteration of the refrigerant volume in an HVAC system on demand. This ability to control the release of refrigerant to the units installed throughout the building makes the VRF technology ideal for various commercial spaces. It is perfect for spaces with varying loads and zoning needs.

In a VRF HVAC system, the refrigerant is connected to one outdoor unit, which is then connected to multiple indoor units. The outdoor unit is connected by compressors and the amount of refrigerant delivered can be changed or controlled with the speed of the compressor. As the speed of the compressor changes, so does the amount of refrigerant. The indoor units have a system that signals the single outdoor unit telling it how much refrigerant is needed and the outdoor unit supplies the required amount of refrigerant. Commercial VRF systems powered by the VRF technology are ideal for commercial spaces that have different heating and cooling requirements in different spaces within the same building. Greater control means businesses can save a lot of money on energy bills while keeping the space efficiently heated or cooled as needed.

Greater Control Means More Comfort

Commercial VRF systems offer greater control over the temperature regulation without sacrificing the comfort. The VRF system facilitates the supply of heating and cooling whenever and wherever it is required without altering the room temperature. In the non-VRF systems, the compressor has to stop and restart to maintain the thermostat setting. This can create fluctuations in the room temperature.

With commercial VRF system installation, the speed of the compressor can be changed without it needing to shut off or on multiple times. It works continuously for longer periods and the units get the required refrigerant flow, and the HVAC system continues to work without causing any temperature fluctuations.

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Design Flexibility of the Commercial VRF Systems

The commercial VRF system comes with the freedom of design flexibility making them an ideal choice for various types of commercial spaces. Multiple unit sizes and types are available to suit the needs of individual buildings. Multiple unit systems can be used to create comfortable conditions for varying uses in different spaces within the same commercial building.

When it comes to commercial VRF system installation, choosing an HVAC system with an expanded piping capability will help you enjoy the flexibility provided by VRF technology.

Cost Effective Commercial VRF System Installation

The regular HVAC systems come with ductwork, large pipe systems, pumps and boilers. This all can add up in the installation costs. But with the commercial VRF system, the installation is hassle-free and cost-effective. The VRF systems need small, individual indoor units for regulating the refrigerant for heating and cooling. These units don’t need ductwork or pipes as they are a very space-efficient system. The VRF outdoor units are lightweight and not very large. It doesn’t require an additional support system on the roof nor does it require a transportation system, like a service elevator or crane. All these things can help in saving a lot of money on installation.

Energy Saving VRF Technology

One of the main reasons why the VRF technology was created was to make commercial buildings more energy-efficient, which automatically makes them more cost-efficient. The VRF system provides energy-efficiency through varying the compressor speed and matching the need for airflow with output of the compressor unit. This also prevents a substantial amount of energy-loss, unlike the regular HVAC systems. The VRF HVAC systems are also designed to capture the heat coming from the cooling process and reuse it to provide heating in other parts of the building where it is needed. This feature also helps in providing heating and cooling simultaneously.

Commercial VRF System Installation

The right installation is the key to getting the benefits of the VRF technology. Truficient HVAC Solutions provides commercial VRF system installation for various commercial spaces in Texas. Our technicians will help you find the right VRF powered HVAC system that meets your heating and cooling needs. With more than 50 years of experience in the HVAC services industry, we can ensure the right installation solution for every business.

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