Commercial VRF HVAC System for Greater Efficiency and Comfort

Keeping commercial buildings comfortable can be a challenge due to size, space and overall cost. It is no surprise that businesses are always looking for newer and better options for budget-friendly heating and cooling systems. There are many HVAC options and one of the best is the commercial VRF system. It also goes by the name Variable Refrigerant Flow HVAC system. It was invented by the Daikin Industries Ltd in 1982 and now it has become a go-to HVAC option for many commercial spaces.

The VRF system differs from other HVAC systems in many ways. It uses refrigerant for heating and cooling and is self-regulated. It does not need the compressor to switch off or on for adjusting to heating and cooling demands. It rather works on demand as the refrigerant is released by a single outdoor unit and is circulated throughout the building via multiple FCU’s, or, fan-coil units.

The commercial VRF system in Dallas, Plano, Arlington and Fort Worth is an energy-efficient, cost-effective and space saving option for any type of business.

Commercial VRF HVAC System and How It Works

Commercial buildings have a greater need for heating and cooling than homes. Different parts of the same building need to be kept comfortable which is not easy, as they have different heating and cooling needs. This is where the VRF system comes in. It provides efficient heating and cooling to the entire building, meeting the specific needs of each zone without causing any increase in the cost or decrease in efficiency.

Your typical VRF system is not operated by on/off switches. It works at varying speeds based on the needs, which helps in reducing the energy loads. Commercial VRF systems can help save approximately 55 percent of the energy compared to traditional HVAC units.

Commercial VRF systems are a very compact system with just a few essential components like inverter, and compressor units. It varies the motor speed and refrigerant flow according to the comfort needs of each designated space. One of the primary reasons why they are considered to be a great option for commercial buildings is because they allow greater climate control.

VRF System for Creating an Efficient Commercial Space

The commercial VRF system can help businesses create an energy-efficient space with greater control over the comfort. It offers climate control for individual spaces inside the same building. The VRF HVAC systems are refrigerant-based systems and have outdoor condenser units and indoor fan coil units, similar to the traditional HVAC system but much smaller and with better features and benefits.

Instead of large heat pumps or heavy ductwork, the commercial VRF system has one outdoor compressor unit and several smaller air handlers through which the refrigerant is regulated and can be controlled individually. The ability to control the amount of refrigerant flowing into the air units makes it a great option.

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It provides both heating and cooling simultaneously to different parts of the same building. The variable compressor runs at the required capacity without causing any temperature fluctuation.

The commercial VRF system can be installed in most commercial buildings and spaces including:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Retail Stores
  • Office Spaces

VRF systems are ideal for commercial buildings that need customized heating and cooling in multiple zones at the same time.

Advantages of Commercial VRF System Installation in Dallas, Plano, Arlington and Fort Worth

The VRF HVAC system is ideal for commercial spaces as they offer a wide range of benefits and advantages over conventional HVAC systems:

  • Energy Efficiency

Commercial VRF systems in Plano, Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington can help businesses stay energy-efficient. The system comes with a mechanism designed to provide the required amount of cooling and heating without any energy waste. It can run less frequently and at a lower capacity whenever needed.

  • Simultaneous Heating and Cooling

The commercial VRF system in Arlington is capable of providing efficient heating and cooling simultaneously. It can capture the heat from the cooling process and reuse it to provide heating to other places where it may be needed. This means you can use the heating for one office space and cooling for another no matter what season it is.

  • Noise-less Operation

One of the things that make the commercial VRF system in Fort Worth ideal for businesses is that it works quietly. The noise producing condenser is located outside while the smaller air handlers work quietly inside without any noise.

  • Compact Designs

VRF systems come in compact designs that make installation easy and hassle-free. It requires fewer components and occupies less space. They don’t need ducts or more wall and ceiling space.

Commercial VRF System Installation – Truficient HVAC Solutions

The VRF systems are very sophisticated and need a trained and experienced installer so that your commercial space can get all the benefits it needs. We have more than 50 years of combined experience in HVAC services including commercial VRF system installation.

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