Indoor Air Quality Testing in Richardson, TX: The Unsettling Facts About Indoor Air Quality

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Indoor Air Quality Testing in Richardson, TX: The Unsettling Facts About Indoor Air Quality

  • Posted by: Eder Teixeira
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We know that you’re always looking for ways to keep your family safe.

You’ve installed a home security system, you frequently complete home improvement projects, and you even try to monitor the foods you eat.

One major threat to your family’s health that you might be overlooking?

Your indoor air quality.

You may be shocked to learn just how dangerous breathing in poor indoor quality is — especially if it happens over a long period of time. In addition to filling you in on the risks of poor air quality inside your home or commercial building, will also tell you why indoor air quality testing Richardson is something you should consider.

Read on to take a more proactive approach to keeping the air you breathe clean.

1. Indoor Air Can Be Worse Than Outdoor Air

Think that the air inside of your home is much fresher and cleaner than the air outside?

Think again.

One of the most shocking indoor air quality facts is that, according to the EPA, you’re exposed to two to five times more air pollution indoors as opposed to outdoors.

Given that people spend 90% of their days inside, it’s certainly easy to see how quickly — and severely — poor indoor air quality can impact your health.

These high and dangerous levels of pollution inside your home can come from many different sources. Things like smoking indoors, clogged air filters, and even an overuse of candles and air fresheners can all contribute to poor air quality.

Now, let’s take a look at the shocking truth about what some of the products you use every day can do to your air quality.

2. Certain Products Impact Indoor Air Quality

It’s impossible to understate the importance of indoor air quality.

Pollutants and chemicals in your air can lead to many symptoms like dizziness, watery and itchy eyes, exhaustion, and even coughing, sneezing, and general congestion.

Especially if you’re exposed to polluted indoor air for long periods of time — or if you already have a weak immune system or allergies — consequences can be more severe.

You put yourself at risk for problems with lung function, difficulty breathing, an increase in your asthma symptoms, and even muscle pain and rapid heartbeat.

So, what kinds of products are responsible for these kinds of symptoms?

In most cases, the problem is with your cleaning products. Things like chlorine bleach, upholstery cleaners, your detergent, and even furniture polish and oven cleaners are packed with dangerous harsh chemicals.

Often, these products contain volatile organic compounds, of VOCs for short. These chemicals are released into your air, leading to serious respiratory illnesses, exposure to toxins, and more. Some people believe these chemicals may even cause cancer.

3. Rising Asthma Rates May Be Caused by Poor Air Quality

Another one of the most shocking indoor air quality statistics?

Asthma rates have been steadily on the rise for the past few years — and many think that poor indoor air quality is to blame. In just ten short years, the number of people who have been diagnosed with asthma has risen by an astounding 28%.

It’s become especially prevalent among young children.

It’s not just asthma rates that are increasing at this kind of a rapid pace. People are also developing allergies with an alarmingly high frequency. Scientists believe that long-term exposure to indoor and outdoor pollution can actually cause a decrease in disease resistance.

This means that, not only are you more likely to develop one of these conditions, but that it’s also likely to happen at a much younger age than in the past.

4. Poor Indoor Air Quality Is One of the Biggest Threats to Your Health

Just in case you need any more convincing about why you should take the importance of air quality seriously?

You might be surprised to learn that the Environmental Protection Agency has actually ranked indoor air pollution as one of the top five greatest threats to our health and environment.

This means that our indoor air quality is just as much of a threat to your health as poor waste management, contaminated water, and even global warming.

Poor air quality potentially exposes you to a shocking number of chemicals. This includes things like:

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Lead
  • Formaldehyde
  • Asbestos
  • Pesticides

So, what can you do about it?

This is where the value of indoor air quality testing Richardson comes into play.

Not only will having your air indoor tested help you to identify the kinds of chemicals and toxins you’re being exposed to. It will also help you to figure out where they’re coming from, so you can quickly remove pollutants from your home.

These tests can even provide you with ways to continuously monitor the air quality in your home. This is possible through things like radon detection kits and carbon monoxide alarms.

Looking for Indoor Air Quality Testing Richardson?

We hope that these air quality statistics and facts have helped you to get a better understanding of why your indoor air quality is something you need to take seriously.

It’s not worth putting your family’s long and short-term health in jeopardy. Now is the time to take a proactive approach to testing your air quality. Talk to professionals about what you can do to improve it and constantly monitor it, as well.

That’s where we come in.

We offer superior indoor air quality testing Richardson. Don’t spend one more day breathing in harmful chemicals.

Instead, get in touch with us today to schedule your indoor air quality test.

Author: Eder Teixeira

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