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We know it can be hard to find a reliable AC contractor to handle one of the largest investments you can make in your home. Our comfort specialists take the time to inspect your duct work and go over all the options available.

Whole Home Approach to HVAC Installation

Zoned HVAC Installation Dallas

At Truficient HVAC solutions we want to make sure that we can take care of all the needs for your system. We believe that an AC System is the heart and lungs of your home. To us air conditioners are the most important part of the home. Without proper heating and air conditioning your house can become sick from improper sizing, Improper duct sizing can cause rooms to be too hot or too cold. Improper duct sizes can also cause the unit to work harder than it needs to which shortens the life of the system. Bad duct design can create noisy ducts. Unsealed dirty ducts can cause you to have increased dust and dirt in the home.

Here are some questions you should think about before picking the system you want:

  • Do you have hot and cold spots in your home?

  • Do you have allergy problems?

  • Do some of the vents in your home have dust and dirt around them? Do you have dust problems in the house?

  • Is noise an issue for you? Do you want to have a quiet condenser that you can’t hear when running?

  • How important is comfort?

  • Would you like to have an air handler or furnace that runs quiet so that you can barely tell that it’s running?

  • Do you have abnormally high energy bills in the winter and summer?

  • Do you want to keep the furnace or Air handler in the same location?

  • Do you want to keep the outside condenser in the same location?

  • Do you know the condition of your duct system?

Take the time to answer these questions because we want to make sure that you are completely happy with your system. Please go over these questions when you meet with your comfort specialists.

Fast and Reliable Installs

We know that in the middle of the summer when temperatures are soaring it’s the utmost importance to keep your family cool. If we can’t get to you right away we can provide emergency window units at no additional charge to help you stay cool

What is included in our Installs:

  • Load Calculation to ensure proper system sizing
  • Change electrical disconnect and whip
  • Update the return and supply plenums
  • Seal ducts around the air handler / Furnace to reduce air leaks
  • Old system decommissioning and removal

  • 1 Year Labor Warranty

  • 1 Year Free Maintenance Checkup

  • 1 Year Free Maintenance Checkup

Brands We Use

Types of Systems We Install

We have experience installing all types of systems. We specialize in ductless mini-splits AC systems, multi room mini split AC systems and High efficiency AC systems. We also install residential packages units as well as basic 14 SEER AC split systems.

Our team members are here to help you find the AC system that’s right for you. Our DFW AC installer specialists are dedicated to installing your new AC systems at the highest quality service.

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