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Are you looking for greater control of comfort in your home?

Are you tired of hearing a freight train in your house or not being able to enjoy your yard because of noisy condenser?

Are there spots in your home that you can’t get the temperature right?

Mini splits have the unique capability of providing unparalleled comfort in your home through mini split zoning. With Multi-room mini splits you can zone individual rooms or areas with minimal outdoor units installed. Residential Mitsubishi multi-room mini splits can zone up to 8 air handlers on 1 system

The air handlers come in 5 different styles; floor mounts, wall mount, ceiling cassette, ceiling concealed medium static units and ducted air handlers. All these air handlers can connect to the outdoor Heat Pump system.

Energy Savings and Comfort

Mitsubishi Installation Mini Split Outdoor Unit

A lot of cost savings come into play when you eliminate the need for most of the ducting. A lot of energy is wasted when pushing conditioned air through ducting especially when it’s in unconditioned spaces such as your attic.

Because these systems are heat pumps that can operate at 80% of total capacity in negative temperatures we eliminate the need for heat strips which draw a large amount of electricity.

Energy savings vary based on the household use. There are many factors that affect the overall energy savings but typically with mini split systems and multi room mini split systems we see an average savings of 25%.

Comfort: There are countless benefits to mini split systems in a home. No one should have to sacrifice comfort in their own home. One of the biggest complaints we here in residential settings is there are areas of the house that are always hotter or colder. Even the most advanced central heating systems with advanced zoning do not compare to the zoning capabilities of multi room heat pump systems.

Noise: The noise level of most central HVAC systems will operate louder than the mitsubishi mult-room mini splits. The higher efficiency variable speed systems of most central HVAC’s will run similar to the mini splits but overall the noise levels are lower. We believe you shouldn’t have to hear your AC to know it’s running

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of residential mini splits or multi-room mini split systems – take a look at some of our projects.

Residential Mini Split Install Gallery

Type of Homes

All homes are great for multi-room mini splits. The best time to install one would be on a new construction or complete remodel but we install them in homes as retrofits all the time. We work with builders, general contractors, architects and homeowners. There are a tremendous amount of benefits to upgrading to a VRF system.

Residential Warranty

We are diamond contractors for Mitsubishi VRF Heat Pump systems. We can offer unheard of 10 year warranty on commercial systems.

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