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Summer Savings on York Variable Speed Systems

York Pricing has been reduced! Huge Summer Savings! Thousands off equipment and install price. We have negotiated some bulk pricing, so we are passing the savings on to you! We have to sell variable speed AC units to lock in pricing.

We have manufacturer discounts, Manufacturer rebates and contractor rebates, we are passing on to you!

100% Financing Available 18 Month No Interest If paid in full and other plans available

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Upgrade Your AC system to a Variable Speed System and Get Up to 4 Months Free Electricity!

How about an AC company that actually backs up their claims for energy savings! We are so confident that our AC Installations for variable speed systems will save you money that we are willing to pay for your DFW summer electric bills.

Benefits of a Variable Speed AC System

Zoned HVAC Installation Dallas
  • Increase comfort like you’ve never experienced
  • Save money
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Zoning Options

  • Low profile outdoor units available
  • Eliminate hot and cold spots
  • 100% Financing Available
  • Eligible for discounted solar

All variable speed systems come with a complete air seal reducing dust and dirt infiltration from the Attic. We use mechanical dampers and flow hood testing to measure and verify correct air flow.

Quiet Operation

The quiet operation of variable speed systems has no comparison. Typically you will not even be able to tell if the inside unit is running because of how quiet the unit runs. The furnace or air handler operation will fall into the background. This benefit is hard to express over a brochure or Internet web page. Once you have lived with it, it’s absolutely amazing and you will never want to have any other kind HVAC system.

The outside unit is quiet enough to sit next to and have a conversation without having to raise your voice to talk over it. If you have a backyard or outdoor space you want to enjoy, this type of system is absolutely perfect.

Warranty and Preventive Maintenance

We are offering a full 15 Year Warranty for all variable speed systems because we completely believe in these products.

We are able to offer remote diagnostics on select systems creating an unmatched preventive maintenance program catching issues before they become problems.


  • Full duct and HVAC inspection
  • Complete duct air seal
  • Minor duct modification
  • 15 year parts and labor warranty*

  • Manual dampers
  • Some systems have built in zoning
  • Energy audit
  • Up to 25 LED Bulbs


Get up to 3 months of free electricity for air conditioning only install.

Get up to 4 months of free electricity for air conditioning and insulation install combo.


What is the typical annual energy savings for variable speed systems?2019-06-04T02:29:07+00:00

Typically you can see a 30% savings on your annual air conditioning usage. The savings vary based on several other factors such as the current air conditioner that is being replaced, the size of the unit, the type of heating you have and what you set your thermostat at.

We’ve noticed that most customers like to turn their thermostats down even more now that they have a more efficient system.

How long do variable speed systems last?2019-06-04T02:28:16+00:00

A well maintained variable speed system operational lifetime should be between 20 to 25 years.

What brands do you install for the variable speed systems?2019-06-04T02:27:29+00:00

Mitsubishi, Trane and York

How much does it costs?2019-06-04T02:26:43+00:00

There are several factors that affect the installed price. It can vary depending on the size (tonnage) of the unit, the heating type and brand. But they can range from $14,000 to $19,000 installed.

The install price of variable speed systems includes some extras that other AC systems don’t get. All brands require specialized training certifications to install their variable speed systems to ensure proper installation. They also require a little bit more testing and validation after installation to ensure the system operates for a long time.

These systems are smart enabled systems which allow for remote diagnostics and monitoring.

How does the financing work?2019-06-04T02:25:40+00:00

We have many programs available. We work with Synchrony and Wells Fargo financial to offer financing.

We have 100% financing available.

Is it really a 15 year parts and labor warranty?2019-06-04T02:24:43+00:00

*Yes, Maintain a yearly maintenance agreement and we will cover any parts and labor for 15 years. Click here for more information.

What if my ducts are not in good shape? Do I have to repair or replace?2019-06-04T02:23:35+00:00

Yes, all ducting must be in good condition for the offer. Don’t worry most systems have overall good ducting. We always have to do some slight duct modification. If it’s determined that the ducts are not in good working condition then we must replace all ducts in order for the offer to be effective.

Are there discounts for changing multiple units at once?2019-06-04T02:23:08+00:00


If I have 2 units and only change 1 unit do I get all 4 months for free?2019-06-04T02:22:18+00:00

No. We will split the bill up evenly based on how many units are changed.

Do I have to switch electric providers?2019-06-04T02:18:43+00:00


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