Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) HAVC Systems for Homes

The Variable refrigerant flow or the VRF is a HVAC technology that was developed by Daikin industries limited in 1982. Since its inception, the VRF technology has gained a lot of popularity and is known for its energy-saving technology, quality and comfort. The technology is now incorporated in other HVAC brands as well. The main feature of the VRF technology is its greater climate control ability that can make homes more efficient and comfortable while reducing the energy cost. If you are looking to replace your old HVAC system, consider getting a VRF powered HVAC system. It works with both heating and cooling and is based on the controlled distribution of the refrigerant.

What is VRF System and How Does it Work?

The VRF powered HVAC systems are refrigerant based and provide efficient heating and cooling by offering greater control over the distribution of the refrigerant. You can control the temperature of the room by controlling the amount of refrigerant on demand. Less refrigerant means less cooling and more heating. You can increase the volume of refrigerant when you need more cooling. The VRF technology is perfect for residential spaces with varying loads and zoning needs.

The VRF system has two units – outdoor unit and indoor air-handler unit(S). The refrigerant is released from the compressor connected to the outdoor unit. The amount of refrigerant released is controlled with the speed of the compressor. The amount of the refrigerant changes with the speed of the compressor. The indoor units send the signal to the outdoor units how much refrigerant is needed. If course, the thermostat helps in setting the right temperature of the room. VRF is perfect for homes that have different heating and cooling needs.

VRF systems offer greater climate control, which means more energy-saving and reduction in the cost.

More Control, More Comfort

VRF technology offers more control and better performance. The non-VRF HAVC system have to stop and re-start to match the changing thermostat setting. The VRF powered HVAC systems an regulate heating and cooling without any change in the temperature. With VRF systems, you can easily change the temperature if the room without sacrificing the comfort. The VRF system also works for a longer period of time while providing the required refrigerant flow. VRF system continue to work without causing any temperature fluctuations.

Flexibility in Design

The VRF system offers design flexibility, which makes installation easy and effortless. You can choose from a wide range of designs to meet specific installation needs. Multiple unit sizes are available to meet the heating, and cooling needs of various residential properties. Multiple indoor units can be connected with the outdoor unit to create comfortable environment inside individual rooms. When it comes to residential VRF system installation, choosing an HVAC system with an expanded piping capability will provide better performance.

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Cost Effective VRF System Installation

The VRF system does not require large ductwork, large pipe systems, pumps and boilers. It only needs two units – outdoor and indoor unit or units. This features not only saves space, it saves cost too. There is not additional installation cost. Compared to other type of HVAC system, the VRF system installation is hassle-free and cost-effective.

The VRF HVAC systems need units for regulating the refrigerant flow for efficient heating and cooling. The units don’t need installation of heavy ductwork or pipes for air distribution and circulation. The units come on space-saving designs, and are very lightweight. as they are very space-efficient system. The VRF outdoor units are lightweight and not very large and do not need additional support system.

VRF Technology Saves Energy and Cost

VRF technology was developed to make residential spaces more energy-efficient. Energy efficiency means less cost. The VRF HVAC system provides efficient heating and cooling through the varying compressor speed as per the need of the output unit. This does not allow energy loss. The VRF HVAC systems are also capable of capturing the heat from the cooling process, which is then re-used to provide heating in other parts of house. It offers heating and cooling simultaneously.

Residential VRF System Installation

The right VRF system installation is the key to making home more efficient and enjoying the benefits of the cost saving technology. Truficient HVAC Solutions provides fast and reliable residential VRF system installation in Dallas, Plano, Arlington and Fort Worth. Our technicians will help you find the right VRF powered HVAC system that meets your heating and cooling needs. With more than 50 years of experience in the HVAC services, we can ensure the right installation solution every business with a VRF system needs.

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