Residential VRF System & Greater Energy-efficiency

The Variable Refrigerant Flow is an HVAC technology that was developed by the Daikin Industries in 1982 with the aim to make heating and cooling more efficient. The VRF technology is now used by various brands to create more efficient, cost-effective and advanced HVAC systems. The VRF system is ideal for homes too as it helps in making the residential space become more comfortable without additional cost. It differs from other HVAC systems in many ways. It is more efficient in terms of design, technology, ease of installation and the cost. If you are thinking of installing new HVAC system, upgrading or replacing the old one, residential VRF system is one of the best options.

Installing VRF system can help you create a more comfortable environment inside the house and save energy cost. It is ideal for all types of residential homes, especially the ones with space restrictions.

What is VRF System and How Does it Work?

Residential VRF system are like any other HVAC system and is refrigerant-based, but the similarity ends there. Unlike the traditional HVAC system, the VRF system does not need heavy ductwork, or unit installation. Instead, the VRF system has two main components – one outdoor unit and indoor air handlers. It provides efficient heating and cooling by controlling the amount of refrigerant released. You can control the temperature of individual room without wasting energy or adding to the cost. The VRF system allows greater control over the temperature by allowing the control of the flow of refrigerant. Less refrigerant flow means more heating and vice-versa. It is perfect for homes with varying loads and zoning needs.

Unlike the other HVAC systems, the VRF powered HVAC systems does not need to shut off and turn on to meet the thermostat settings. Instead, the amount of refrigerant released for heating and cooling is controlled with the speed of the compressor. The amount of the refrigerant released changes with the speed of the compressor. The indoor air handler units send the signal to the outdoor units on how much refrigerant is needed. The compressor then slows down or speeds up as per the need. The VRF technology reduces the energy loss without causing any temperature fluctuations.

Get Greater Energy Efficiency

Residential VRF system offers greater energy efficiency compared to any other HVAC system. It uses less energy for various reasons. VRF system is designed to provide the amount of cooling needed for reaching the comfort level. It runs less frequently and also at a lower capacity which reduces the energy usage. The VRF system can capture the heat from the cooling process and reuse the heat to provide heating in the space where its needed. It not only uses less energy, it recycles the energy. This also means that VRF systems can simultaneously provide heating and cooling inside the same building.

Easy Installation

Residential VRF system is easy to install as it does not require heavy ductwork or pipes, which in turn helps in cost reduction. The VRF system only needs one outdoor unit and indoor unit or units as per the needs. Installing the units is easy and does not take much time. The VRF powered HVAC system come in compact designs and can easily meet the installation needs of any space. If your home has space restrictions, the VRF system can be customized to meet your space needs. With the right installation service, you can ensure your home is comfortable, and energy-efficient.

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Need Right Installation

For any kind of HVAC system to run efficiently, it needs to be installed correctly. Improper installation can lead to many problems like inefficient heating and cooling, overheating of the system and breakdown, safety risks and increase in the energy cost. It is important to get right residential VRF system installation with the help of right HVAC service provider. Right size system is essential for providing efficient heating and cooling throughout the house. The professional technicians will help you choose the right system for your home. Hire an experienced team that can size, and install a VRF system capable of meeting your comfort needs.

Residential VRF System Installation in Dallas, Plano, Arlington and Fort Worth

The right installation service is the key to getting the benefits of the VRF technology. Truficient HVAC Solutions provides residential VRF system installation for various residential properties. Our technicians will help you find the right VRF powered HVAC system to meet your heating and cooling needs. With more than 50 years of experience in the HVAC services, we can ensure the right installation solution is provided to each of our clients. You can rely on our fast, efficient and safe installation, repair and maintenance solution.

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