Commercial HVAC Services Overview

Our DFW HVAC service company works with small to medium size commercial buildings. We have experience in commercial new construction, retrofits and remodels. We install all types of ducting systems ranging from flex duct to spiral ducting to square ducting.

We also have experience in installing commercial VRF systems that offer the greatest flexibility for zoning, comfort, energy efficiency and overall greater office experience for employees

Commercial Mini Split Install Dallas

Our philosophy as a company to enhance comfort and energy efficiency in commercial buildings has led us to installing more VRF mini split systems. It’s the only type of system that can offer all the benefits. The initial upfront costs for these types of VRF systems is not as high as you may think when comparing to installation of typical commercial systems for new construction and remodeling.

To read more about associated costs savings for VRF mini split systems and to learn more in general check out our commercial VRf page for more information.

Commercial Mini Split Install Gallery

If you are looking for quality and reliable commercial HVAC install services we can help. We work with a 3rd party duct design and load calculation expert to ensure the highest comfort and operational reliability. Building owners and General Contractors we have worked with in the past, like working with us because of our emphasis on efficiency and comfort during the design phase.

We believe communication is key during the construction process so that the job is done to specifications, on time and on budget. We work with Owners, Builders, General Contractors and Tenants for Install Services.

We can offer quick retrofit and replacements for when air conditioning systems go down. Commercial equipment operates longer hours, is exposed to more weather and temperature extremes compared to residential equipment because the equipment is usually placed on the roof.

Aging equipment becomes costly to maintain with more frequent downtime due to repairs and interruptions to business and employees when service personnel is around during business hours. We can offer quick turnaround service replacements to ensure your company has minimal downtime.

Types of Buildings We Work On

We work on all types of buildings from restaurants, to office buildings and warehouse spaces. We currently do not offer walk-in-cooler services but have a great company we work with that we can recommend for that type of service.

Most major repairs and system down time can be avoided by properly maintaining a system.

See our commercial repair page for more information.

Type of systems we work  on:

  • RTU – Rooftop Package units

  • Split AC Systems

  • VRF

  • Minisplit

Maintenance Plans

We offer comprehensive maintenance plans to help prevent costly repairs. If you would like more information on maintenance plans please contact us to discuss how preventative maintenance can save you money in the long run by increasing reliability and decreasing down time and expensive repairs.

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Mini-Split Installation Experience

This video shows how great VRF systems can be for commercial buildings. The install shown in this video was completed by Chandler heating and air at the St Rose Lima Church in Quincy Illinois. The video highlights all the benefits discussed in the commercial VRF page. In this video you will see how noise was a major factor in choosing the system as well as space considerations.

Typical Install times on VRF systems compared to traditional systems with the duct work is typically shorter because it’s easier to install and run new line sets than it is to hang new ducting.

The space savings and integration into older buildings is incredible. A lot of the equipment can be placed in areas that typical systems cannot be placed or if done they would really stick out and be very noticeable as seen in the video under the choir area.

Check out the video and if you would like to learn more please schedule a consultation and remember we install VRF systems all over the DFW Metroplex.