We are a leader in High Efficiency HVAC install. These systems can be incredibly rewarding if installed correctly. Due to new technologies with variable speed compressors these units typically last longer than the standard HVAC systems installed.

Benefits of Upgrading to 20 SEER Plus Units:

  • Increased Equipment Life – Due to the Variable speed capacity the unit doesn’t run at 1 or 2 speeds the entire time. These more precise operating speeds helps reduce the start and stop that shortens the lifetime of most compressors and fans.
  • Increased comfort – Better distributed Air flow to Match capacity
  • Increased Savings
  • Better Zoning – These units are better built for zoning capabilites precisely because of the Variable speed capacity.
  • Lower Operating Noise – Your HVAC unit shouldn’t be noticed. It should fade into the background

Whether you decide to go with you a regular AC unit, Minisplit system or a variable speed system we have the ability to replace your unit.

Brands We Use

Residential AC Repair - DFW

We have experience working with all brands. The nice thing about most HVAC systems is that they are pretty much the same across all of them.

If you need to schedule a repair call – 214-238-4350.

If you are interested in minimizing repairs on units less than 15 years of Age you should check out our Tru Warranty Plan.

Did you know if you have the most efficient system on the market it won’t make a bit of difference if you don’t have the proper duct system installed?

Indoor Air Quality - DFW

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is about your indoor environment. The air we breathe inside and outside has many pollutants, dust, airborne microbes, chemicals and more.

The indoor environment has a lot of pollutants we do not even realize we are breathing. Furniture, paints, household cleaning products, dog hair, dirt we track in from our shoes, air leaks in the house and probably the most overlooked it loose ducts in our duct system. When your ducts aren’t properly sealed they pull in pollutants from the attic or below your house if the ducts are installed under the house.

We can solve most IAQ issues with a UV light and duct sealing. Click here for more information.

Dallas Mitsubishi Mini Split Installation

We are experienced in installing most brands of mini split systems. We’ve installed Mitsbusishi, Rheem, Lennox, Gree, Carrier and other brands. We are a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor which means we can get up to 12 years parts and compressor warranty on Mitsubishi residential mini split air conditioner installs.

If you are looking for install or repair services for mini-splits we have experience installing 1 to 1 systems or mini split multi room systems consisting of different types of air handlers tied into 1 outdoor system. Click here for more information about these systems and check out project galleries of multi-room mini split systems we’ve installed.

Residential Mini Split Install Gallery

We offer a one-of-a-kind warranty program for units that are over 15 years and younger. If interested in a full labor and parts warranty for your HVAC system take a look at our TruWarranty Program.

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