Project Description

Evaporator Coil and Condenser Coil Cleaning

Truficient HVAC is a residential air conditioning contractor that has experience in all types of residential HVAC repairs. Sometimes the repairs are related to air flow and comfort issues. But most of the time it’s quick repairs from components breaking down from the repeated heat stress placed on them during the texas summers.

This AC repair in richardson tx had issues with the refrigerant line freezing during the cooling cycle. There are several reasons that can cause a line to freeze. One simple one that can sometimes solve the issue is a dirty filter. If you forget to change out your filter over several months and have animals or a lot of duct leakage that causes a lot of dirt/dust to enter the system, it can obstruct the air flow enough to cause incorrect metering of the refrigerant.

Another cause of freezing is the coil becoming so dirty it prevents air flow across the coil. The more likely cause is low refrigerant. Low refrigerant only happens from a leak.

The leak could be anywhere in the line but typically it’s found in the condenser or the evaporator coil. This particular leak was located in the coil.

A typical coil change out can cost between – $2100 to $3500 depending on the type of system and coil being replaced.

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